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What is the role of silicone products and silicone rubber products

Silicone products can adapt to different needs in different fields. Maybe we all know what silicone is and what silicone is made of, but what is the main role of silicone? Silicone rubber is mainly used in our lives. In what areas?
Silicone products are currently what kind of products, of course, a wide range of products on the market, I can not list them here, there are common silicone products in our daily lives are: silicone phone sets, silicone keys , silicone tableware, miscellaneous pieces of silicone, silicone toys, silicone wallet, silicone bag, silicone tea sets, silicone audio sets, jewelry and so on.
Silicone wallet
Silicone rubber and silicone rubber are two-component room-temperature vulcanized silicone rubbers that are resistant to high and low temperature, good tear resistance, high strength and pressure resistance, and no corrosion. With excellent electrical insulation, sealing performance and aging resistance, long-term use in the temperature range of -60 ~ +200 °C. As an electronic component, semiconductor device, electrical and electronic equipment, bonding and sealing materials; can also be used as aircraft cabins, equipment cabins, flight cabins, such as the seal, thermal insulation material; as a seal, insulation, moisture, shock-proof material of choice.
The advantages of silicone have gradually been discovered and replaced many other materials in our daily lives. For silicone products factory, in the process of production and production, timely selection of silicone material is very important, in the use of daily temperature does not fade, non-toxic, odorless, easy to clean, resistant to oil, soft, non-slip, feel good, use Convenience and ultimately will be our unanimous pursuit of high quality material life.

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