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Introduction to CNC Machining Center (1)
Guangmei Silicone's CNC Machining Center specializes in the research and development of semi-automated equipment, fixtures and fixtures required for lean production of various types of silica gel keypads and silicone products.
Such as vulcanization molding production operations in the color KEY's feeding fixture, printing operations required for the printing fixture, demolition process required stamping machine and fixtures, dot printing process required for printing fixtures, laser carving process Required laser engraving fixture, black particle conduction test required conductive black particle detector and so on. (The specific application is shown on the next page).
Such products meet the needs of the company's key production applications, and long-term cooperation with the remote control manufacturers in various regions of the country, sales, the United States and the United States sincerely welcome the majority of similar manufacturers visit guidance, innovation in the end.
The company currently has two patents, "silicone button press mold" and "semi-automatic conductive black particle detection machine."
Holding equipment:
1) CNC machine: 4 sets (manufacturer: Taiwan Jiatie)
2) Drilling machine: 3 sets
3) Milling machine: 1
1) CNC programming engineer: 1
2) CNC operator: 4
Equipment operation:
End of the year, 24 hours a day in operation.

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